How Genius Scan helps teachers and students
Over 1.2 billion children are out of the classroom due to the pandemic. But thanks to digital tools, students properly equipped retain 25-60% more material when learning online since they can learn at their own pace.
Genius Scan 6 – Next-Gen Scanning
Today, we're happy to share that we've entirely reworked the internals of Genius Scan 6 to rely on Deep Learning so that you experience a faster and snappier scanning flow. Besides, we packed Genius Scan 6 with new key features.
How to Share Old Photo Albums With Your Family
The Holiday Season is a time of gathering. This year, take the time to digitize your old paper photographs and share them with those who, unfortunately, can't celebrate this special moment with you.
The Signature: A Brief History
Signatures are fascinating, especially when important figures, artists, leaders or business people draw them. Usually a signature isn’t comparable to one’s writing; it reflects one’s unique personality and legal importance.
How Genius Scan Helps Scientists in Their Job
More and more scientists and researchers worldwide rely on smartphone apps to gather, save, access, and share study data as they are in the lab or on the field, far from the office. Digitizing documents helps organize and secure files.
U.S. 2020 Elections & Covid-19: Genius Fax can Help You Fax Your Ballot
On November 3rd, United States citizens will choose their new president. Due to Covid-19, some states will let you email or fax your ballot; in that case, our app Genius Fax will be an easy solution to enable you to vote by fax.
Genius Sign 2.0: Now Free to Download, Packed with New Features
We launched Genius Sign in 2015 as a companion app to Genius Scan, to enable you to sign and annotate documents effortlessly. Since then, Genius Sign has see...
No more third-party ads in Genius Scan
We’re happy to announce that Genius Scan displays no more third-party advertisements. In 2016, we removed third-party ads from Genius Scan for iOS. Today we’ve eliminated the last one in Genius Scan for Android.
Genius Scan 5.5
Genius Scan is based on three pillars: scan, organize and export, and for the release of Genius Scan 5.5, we focused on the export features.
Genius Scan joins 1% for the Planet
We have officially joined the 1% for the Planet movement. Preserving our planet is a growing concern for our team, so it was natural to join 1% for the Planet to turn this concern into a stronger public commitment.
Genius Scan 5.2.1 now available in 20 languages
Genius Scan has always supported the major world languages, but we decide to take a step further: Genius Scan 5.2.1 localizes the interface for nine addition...
Introducing Text Recognition in Genius Scan 5.2
With Text Recognition, Genius Scan not only creates an image version of your scanned documents, but is also able to extract the text from the image. This gives you multiple benefits.