• Working On The Go With Your Android Phone

    Let’s be clear: We don’t advocate that you work when you are on vacation, but if you are a mobile office worker, you should make your life as easy as possible. While Apple devices are often touted for making work on the go easier, Android smartphones are up to the par if you curate your applications.

    In this blog post, we will present a couple applications that might help you.

    Genius Scan

    We’re preaching for our own church here, but everyone should have a scanner app. Simply taking a photo is not enough: first, it results in a grayish document with unnecessary background whereas Genius Scan presents you with a clean and legible scan. It also lets you create multi-pages PDF documents: this is perfect to gather the receipts of an expense report in a single document or to reproduce a 10-pages contract. Last, you can archive or share your documents in a couple taps.

    Genius Scan is free to download on the Play Store, and we charge only for more advanced features.


    Your IT department knows that good passwords are crucial. There are simple rules to create good ones, but the problem is that it’s hard for people to remember so many passwords, so they tend to reuse the same one everywhere – a major security flaw. 1Password is one of the serious attempts at tackling this issue: this app securely stores complex passwords for every service you use and protects them with a single strong password. Your employees only have one password to remember.


    Create invoices directly from your Android phone with this convenient app and its associated service. You can design the invoices directly on your mobile in under 3 minutes while still having them look professional and match your brand.


    When you plan a trip, it’s handy to keep all the information in one place. TripIt does exactly that. It’s as easy as forwarding your emails to plans@tripit.com: TripIt will extract all the information and add them to your schedule in an organized way. In the same app, you will see your flight tickets (with confirmation number, gates and seat…) as well as your car rentals, hotel reservations. You won’t need to search in your emails for that confirmation number anymore.

    File Explorers

    Amaze is a lite and material-designed file explorer that makes it easy to organize saved files and clean up the piles of downloads. You can open zip archives, search across all locations (and external cards), and browse in multiple tabs to copy/move files and folders. The application is open-source, privacy friendly and frequently updated. A must-have for travelers who have to rely on their smartphones to collect, edit and quickly send documents.

    Files Go by Google is an alternative application that takes even less space and further help with file clutter: it automatically detect and suggest to remove duplicate files, spam and rarely-used apps.

    Google Translate

    Point your phone camera at a sign and the app automatically replaces the text with the translation in your language of choice. Google Translate even replicates its font style, color and size so you can easily relates the original words with the translations. The app also offers a live “conversation” feature to help you talk naturally with a foreigner: as participants talks, the app displays the live translation large, legible letters and read it aloud. It works offline for basic text-to-text translation too: just download a language package before leaving your mobile network to avoid any roaming charges.


    A simple world clock to keep time across multiple locations. Circa shows all the time at once which is needy when travelling abroad, scheduling meetings and checking the time at home.

    Offline travel guides

    If your business trip includes a day of sightseeing, you will love Guide With Me which automatically download travels guides so you can explore the world and places around you when you don’t have cell coverage. The content is created by Wikivoyage, a volunteer-driven community associated with Wikipedia, covers the entire world and includes well-detailed guides for many European countries and US states. It integrates pretty well with Maps.me, a well-designed maps and navigation apps that also works offline.

    Google Trips is a more personnalized guide application which relies on your information stored across your Google Service to generate suggestions as you prepare your plans and take the road.

    We hope you discovered a couple great apps through this post!

  • Genius Cloud

    Genius Scan 4.3 comes with a brand new service, Genius Cloud. This is something that has been in the works for a long time because we wanted to really get it right. With Genius Scan 4.3, we are excited to offer document backup and synchronization in Genius Scan.

    Genius Cloud synchronizes your documents between devices

    Back Up and Synchronize

    Genius Cloud is an optional service that synchronizes your documents between your devices, and backs them up in the cloud. This means that if you lose your phone or your documents because of some unfortunate event (for instance if your cat decides to use your iPad), you will still be able to recover your precious documents.

    Our users have always used Genius Scan to digitize important documents. A typical example: receipts. If lost, this can have implications for filing taxes or getting reimbursed by the accounting department.

    One of the most common support requests we are received is “How do I access my documents?” Support requests are very important for us: they reveal the most common problems, and we aim at resolving those whenever it’s within our control. We found that the reasons why Genius Scan’s users couldn’t access their documents anymore were always one of the following:

    • They migrated between iOS and Android, and want to transfer their documents.
    • They updated the OS and didn’t properly restore a backup from iCloud or iTunes.
    • The app suddently disappeared from their phone (understand: they deleted the app by mistake)
    • They lost their phone or their phone was stolen.
    • They accidentally deleted a document

    Genius Cloud solves all these issues in an elegant way.

    How to Use Genius Cloud?

    You can get started by tapping on the Sync button on the main screen, or just selecting the smiley tab in Genius Scan:

    How to setup Genius Cloud

    We will first ask you to create an account. This will let you connect multiple devices to the same account and synchronize the documents between these devices. If you lose your phone, you will also be able to reconnect your new phone onto your account (we also plan to let you access your documents from the web in the future, get in touch if this is something you’d like to see quickly).

    Once you have an account, you need to purchase a subscription to the service.

    As soon as your in-app purchase is made, you’re good to go: your documents will automatically be uploaded to your account. This might take some time if you have a lot of them. Genius Cloud offers unlimited cloud storage.

    A Sustainable Service

    Genius Cloud is a paid subscription of $2.99/month (or $29.99/year) – or the equivalent in your local currency.

    Some of you may wonder why we don’t provide it for free. After all, Dropbox, Evernote, OneDrive, Google Drive all provide their users with a free document storage service to some extent. And everyone is so used to free services everywhere (Facebook …). The answer is simple: there is a development cost and a cost associated with running the infrastructure for document storage and synchronization. We are an independent company and plan to stay so. We are also not in the business of selling our users’ data or hooking them in an addictive app to show them ads. In order to be a viable and sustainable business, we ask our users to pay for a service they deem useful.

    In addition, subscribers of Genius Cloud will get access to Genius Scan+ on both iOS and Android for the duration of their subscription.

    Genius Cloud is available now for all users of Genius Scan, existing and new. Just make sure you update to Genius Scan 4.3.

    Download Genius Scan with Genius Cloud from iTunes Download Genius Scan with Genius Cloud from Google Play

    All in all, we are tremendously excited about Genius Cloud and the new opportunities it opens. We are already working on improving Genius Scan further. If you have any feedback, please email us!

  • Contact Your Representative

    Representative democracy is great, but sometimes as a citizen you want your voice to be heard inbetween elections. One way to do that is to contact your representative. Should you want to do that, here is some advice:

    1. First, identify the right representative.

    The right representative depends on the issue you want to reach out about.

    For local issues, your mayor, governor can be appropriate. You will find their contact on your state’s website. For instance, if you’re trying to reach out the governor of North Dakota, you can go on nd.gov and from there follow a couple links to reach https://www.governor.nd.gov/ where you will find a phone and fax number at the bottom of the page.

    For federal purposes, you are represented by two senators determined by the state you reside in, and by a representative based on the congressional district you live in (if you are not in a State, you are represented by a non-voting delegate in the House of Representatives). You can find your senators on the senator list, and your representatives on the House website.

    2. Decide how you want to contact them

    One of the best way to contact your representative is through a phone call. It’s very hard for them to ignore a phone call.

    If you want to take your time to elaborate your thoughts or are uncomfortable calling, written form can be more appropriate. In this case, your options are email, fax and snail mail.

    It seems that the more effort you put in, the more likely your demand will be considered:

    The amount of work you put into your letter also counts. Snail mail gets considered over FAXes which get considered over emails. Killing trees matter.

    3. Write your letter

    Explain why you are contacting your representative in a few short paragraphs. Explain who you are and why you support or oppose the bill. Always keep the tone polite, even if you disagree with your representative’s current position. You should be clear, concise and positive. Make sure you have a good knowledge of the subject and also of the representative you are trying to contact. Knowing their voting history can make a difference.

    4. Send your fax

    If you decide that faxing is the easiest solution for you, you can use Genius Scan to scan your mail and Genius Fax to send it.

  • Genius Fax Has a Web App

    Faxing is not sexy, but sometimes you need it. With Genius Fax, we try to make this experience as smooth as possible.

    We are excited to let you know that Genius Fax is now available as a web app. If you happen to be at your desk when you need to send or receive a fax, you don’t have to switch to your mobile phone anymore.

    Access Genius Fax on the Web

    Genius Fax for the web follows the same philosophy as our apps: reliable, easy-to-use, clean and fast. Let us know what you think!

  • Genius Scan in 2016

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