• Genius Scan 5.0.8

    “But… now that you’ve created Genius Scan, what are you working on?”, friends keep asking us. Well, Genius Scan is never done. We have been working on it for more than 8 years. There is always more to improve and the feedback and questions we get in our support emails are invaluable in helping us shape every new update.

    Genius Scan 5.0.8 is a maintenance version of Genius Scan but… we couldn’t help but add a couple new cool features!

    Siri Shortcuts

    We love the Siri Shortcuts! We’ve added two different types of shortcuts: the ability to start a scan with a shortcut, and the ability to view any document. If you open a document in Genius Scan, this will automatically surface the corresponding shortcut in Siri Shortcuts in the Settings app (or in Spotlight if iOS deems this action relevant). You can easily create a Siri shortcut such as “View passport” if you travel a lot.

    Fullscreen Mode

    When viewing your documents, a single tap will switch the screen to fullscreen mode, hiding the toolbars and using all the available space to display your documents. You may benefit from this if you use Genius Scan to read documents such as music scores, magazines etc.

    Improvements to the Crop Screen

    In the “crop” screen that lets you edit the area of the document you want to crop, you now have the ability to let Genius Scan automatically detect the document. This will be useful if you import documents from the photo library.

    Improved login to Genius Cloud

    Genius Scan integrates with iCloud Keychain to let you log in easily in your Genius Cloud account accross all your devices and on the web app.

    We’ll leave you now to keep working on the next update. We’ll have exciting new features and we are sure you will enjoy it!

  • The Power of Smart Document Names

    Genius Scan lets you scan documents with your smartphone and archive them as PDF. Part of archiving them means naming your documents to be able to refer to them later or match an existing workflow.

    Smart Document Names are a powerful feature of Genius Scan+ (the pro version of Genius Scan) which deserves to be known. With them, you can simplify your workflow, customize the naming of the documents according to your needs, avoid mistake and ensure consistency if you or your company follow a specific document naming scheme.

    Lightbulb illustrating the smart document names

    Let’s review different uses of the Smart Document Names. You will find the Smart Document Name configuration in the settings of Genius Scan under the General section.

    How to customize the default document title with a different date format

    To create a smart document name, you can combine various items together such as the day, month, year, hour etc. When you create a document, these name items will be replaced by actual values. For instance, if you use the year name item as part of a smart document name and create a document today, the item will be replaced by 2018.

    By default, Genius Scan names your documents according to the current date and time with a format close to the ISO 8601 standard (2018-10-03 20:41:00) which has the advantage of letting you sort your documents by date by just sorting them alphabetically, and also avoids confusion between the US and European date styles, which differ in the order they write the day and the month.

    If you prefer a different date format, for instance a more user-readable date such as October 3, 2018 at 8:41pm, or according to the US-style (10/10/2018 8:41pm) this is something you can achieve with the Smart Document Names.

    In the video below, you can see how the different document name items are combined together to achieve the desired result:

    How to name your documents based on your customer name

    In addition to creating document names based on the date and time, you can configure names with more powerful items. One of them is called a “prompt”. When you create a document, an alert will be displayed prompting you for some text.

    You will find the prompt item in the interactive text category:

    The interactive text category

    Select the Prompt item and enter the custom prompt. For instance, Customer Name:

    The prompt item where you can input a custom prompt

    Of course, your smart document name can contain other components such as the date. Genius Scan presents you with a preview of your smart document name while you build it:

    A smart document name with a Customer Name interactive prompt

    Once this properly setup, you will be prompted for that information when you create a new document:

    When you create a new document, an alert will request the corresponding information from your prompts.

    This is a very powerful naming scheme as you can customize it for almost any business need. For instance, if you are in oil prospection you could name your documents according to the site and well numbers. As a pilot you could name your documents following the aircraft identification tag, the company you are flying it for. As a teacher, the document name can include the name of the student who wrote the assignment you just scanned. As a genealogist, the custom prompt could be the name of the ancestor about whom you just scanned a historical record. The possibilities are endless!

    How to add location information to document names

    With Smart Document Names, you can also add location information in your document names such as the latitude and the longitude, as well as the city and country name. You will find these name items under the Location section of the smart document names.

    You include location information in your document names.

    A typical use case would be to automatically add the city name to a scanned receipt to better categorize your expenses. Or, if you are a biologist doing wildlife reports, you may want to include the latitude and longitude in your document name.

    Use Multiple Smart Document Names

    You can set up multiple smart document names. In that case, when you scan a new document, Genius Scan will let you choose which one to use:

    If you have multiple smart document names, you will be able to choose which one to use when you create new documents

    You could imagine having multiple smart document names for different types of customers. For instance, as a pilot you could have a “Year-Month-Date Aircraft [Aircraft ID]” and “Year-Month-Date Passenger [Customer Name]”.

    Process documents based on their names

    In a business context, you can also create smart document names: when you email your scans or upload them to your company’s cloud, they can be easily sorted out by your collaborators or by an automated backend. By just including a customer ID or location in the document name, a simple script running on your email or web server can direct the document to the appropriate service.


    The Smart Document Names are a powerful feature of Genius Scan+ and is available on both iOS and Android. We recommend that you have a look at them if you are interested in optimizing your workflow and we would love to receive your feedback if you think we can improve them to better suit your needs.

  • What's new in Genius Scan 5.0

    This new version is major redesign of Genius Scan, to make it even more beautiful and clearer so as to better highlight your documents and help you capture and manage them. Genius Scan 5.0 is a universal app available for iPhone and iPad on iOS 11 and greater.

    What’s new?

    A new scan flow

    First, we have reorganized the camera screen. In addition to scanning your documents with the camera, that’s also where you can quickly access your existing photos and your documents stored in the Files app.

    The new scanning screen with direct access to Photos and Files
    The new scanning screen.

    More importantly, we have introduced Quick Edit Actions which let you quickly edit your last scan. Right after snapping the picture, you can decide to crop, rotate, change its enhancement… or just delete it if you are unhappy with it. As a consequence, we have removed the Manual mode as it’s now replaced with the Quick Edit Actions.

    The new Quick Edit Actions in Genius Scan 5.0
    The Quick Edit Actions

    The Quick Edit Actions are available a couple seconds, so if you don’t need them you don’t have to do anything. If by any chance you missed them, you can always edit your scan later.

    Document list

    We have redesigned main document list with clarity in mind. We have removed the navigation bar which was taking a lot of (scarce) screen estate in favor of showing more of your documents. The search field only appears when you want it (pull down on the main list). If you have tagged any document, the tags will be displayed alongside the document title allowing you to identify them faster.

    The new document list in Genius Scan 5.0
    The new document list

    Document view

    We have unified the document page list and the full “page” screen views. These two different screens led to a lot of confusion in previous versions of Genius Scan; they are now merged into a single screen. You can swipe horizontally to go to the next page or drag the current page number left and right to quickly scrub in your document. The zooming controls have been improved so that you can now use a double-tap and double-tap & drag gesture to control zooming on a document’s page.

    If you need to edit a scan, you can just tap on the magic wand to switch to the scan edit mode.

    The new document view in Genius Scan 5.0
    The unified document view

    Your documents are important and we want you to know whether they have been properly exported or not, so we have added an export status indicator. Green means all good. In every document, you will be able to see its export history. If you are looking at your global export history, you will still find it under Settings > Export > Export History.

    There are tons of smaller new features such as the ability to duplicate a page into another document (in addition to moving it from a document to another document) or the fact that we haved added more confirmations before destructive actions such as deleting a document or merging documents together or that the image processing algorithms are much much better at dealing with shadows on documents!

    And next…

    We’ve a few improvements planned for the next update but we’d love to hear your thoughts on this redesign. Please tell us what you’d like to be improved or added to Genius Scan and Genius Cloud. We always read and listen to feedback at support@thegrizzlylabs.com.

  • Which documents should I scan?

    Better safe than sorry

    Hurricanes, earthquakes, pickpockets, fires, floodings, burglary… or just a neighbor’s pipe liking. There are many cases where important documents may be destroyed. And that’s often then that you will need them most for emergency reasons or insurance reimbursements.

    The good news is, it’s easy to be prepared and with Genius Scan you can make sure you have a safe digital copy of all your important documents. The question you should ask yourself is: for which documents would it be a problem if I were to lose them?

    Dark cloud above a house

    Genius Scan lets you quickly digitize these documents. You can then subscribe to Genius Cloud to keep a digital copy safe and accessible from anywhere.

    Which documents should I scan?


    • passport: if you are traveling, always keep a digital copy of your passport. If your actual passport is stolen or gets lost, having a copy will make it easier to replace it at the local embassy/ consulate or to prove your identity. Make a copy of the primary passport pages and any current visa pages.

    • insurance certificate: with this, you might avoid giving an advance for medical expenses that would be covered by your credit card insurance or your main insurer. Also, some countries require such a certificate to cross the border.

    • airplane, hotel and rental car reservations


    • pay stubs: in the US, you should keep a copy of them at least until you get your W2 back and you verify it’s correct but we recommend you keep them longer: you may need them to justify your salary when renting a place, or to get a loan. In other countries such as France, keep a copy forever as they might help you justify retirement benefits in the future.

    • bank statements: you don’t need to keep them forever, but make sure you keep them at least a year.


    • blood type record and vaccination records: if you ever get sick or injured, it’s a good idea to have these documents with you to speed up the process at the hospital, especially in a foreign country.

    • prescriptions: if you depend on important medication, keeping a record of their prescription will help you get a refill even if you are not at your usual pharmacy.


    • family photographs: could you imagine running into a house on fire to get them out of the closet? Don’t do that! Store them somewhere fireproof and scan them!
    • receitps: keep the receipts for your expensive objects (TV, computers, furniture, jewelry…) as you will need them for insurances.

    While this isn’t an extensive list, this is a good starting point of important documents you should keep a digital copy of.

  • 5 Ways Genius Scan Can Help You

    Genius Scan is a pocket scanner for iPhone, Android. Its purpose is simple: to help you quickly digitize documents, store them as PDFs and share them with coworkers. Here are just a few examples of how the millions of users who downloaded Genius Scan use it.

    You Don’t Have A Scanner

    Scanners are expensive and slow. Unless you need ultra-high resolution copies of a document, you’re better off using a mobile scanner. Unlike clunky scanners of the past, your phone is always with you – making it easy to scan and export documents on the road.

    A professional example is a designer who uses Genius Scan at home. His workflow involves sketching his designs on paper first. He doesn’t have a scanner, so when he is done with his sketches, he scans them and uploads them to the cloud using our Dropbox integration. He can easily share them for feedback and can get rid of the paper copy of his old sketches.

    Streamline Your Workflow

    Small business employees are often on the road collecting documents signed by customers. A pocket scanner enables them to scan these documents in the field and immediately send them to the main office. This handy solution ensures that important documents are never lost and streamlines the process by ensuring no wasted time waiting on signed documents to proceed.

    One of our users runs a small aircraft company. He spends his time flying and on the runways. One of his responsibilities is giving flight lessons. With Genius Scan, he can immediately sign the students paperwork and transmit flight plans to the central office. This is important both for the student’s records and for safety.

    Never Lose Your Sticky Notes

    Typing notes on a mobile phone is annoying. As a result, many people still use sticky notes to remind themselves of important tasks. But, sticky notes are easy to lose. With Genius Scan, you can quickly scan your notes and archive them with Genius Cloud.

    An example we hear a lot is from users that love to cook. As you cook, you jot down recipes that you want to keep for later. Instead of letting sticky notes pile up in your kitchen drawer,  you can easily scan the recipe. Genius Cloud then kicks in and your recipes will also be synchronized with your iPad that you can use as a cookbook next time you prepare a meal.

    Simplify Your Expense Reports

    Expense reports are a pain. After a business trip, the last thing you want to do when you get back to the office is scan a pile of receipts using the copy machine and then attach them to your expense report. It’s easy to put this off, but the longer you wait the more likely you’ll forget to expense charges or loose the receipts before you submit them:

    With Genius Scan, you can scan all your receipts and save them in one unique PDF document. Once you are done, export the document and attach it to your expense report. Even better: Genius Scan enables you to directly export your receipts to Expensify if it’s supported by your company.

    Make Sure You Graduate!

    Genius Scan is a great fit for the education world. A portable scanner makes it easy for students to share notes or to snap a picture of a whiteboard before it’s erased by the professor. Some teachers also ask students to scan and email their assignment. They also scan student assignments to share with the class as an example of what a good assignment should – or should not – look like.

    This is a true story. One day we received an email from an appreciative user explaining how Genius Scan had saved her graduation! On her way to hand in her final research paper, this user got stuck in a terrible traffic jam. Sitting there stuck in traffic, she realized there was no way she’d make it to school in time to hand in the paper. Lucky for her, she was able to use trusty pocket scanner to send in her final report from the car (not that we advocate scanning and driving!).

    These are just a few of the ways Genius Scan has helped millions of users. We hope to make even more people’s lives easier by allowing them to go paperless. With Genius Scan, you can declutter your life and never lose another piece of paper.

    Let us know if you have more stories on how a pocket scanner helped you: @thegrizzlylabs on Twitter or contact@thegrizzlylabs.com