Some might think there’s no need for a scanning app such as Genius Scan when you can just take pictures with your smartphone.

We have to disagree. Scanning helps you, and your business, in so many ways that you might not even know about.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a scanning app such as Genius Scan!

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1. Be prepared for any disaster!

Pictures and documents can be lost, burned, or entirely destroyed. There go all your precious memories or important documents. We’re never completely safe from a natural disaster, thief, or loss of documents.

That’s why you should turn your physical documents into digital ones. Scanned images of your payslips, insurance contracts or wedding pictures can be stored on your devices (smartphone, tablet, computer) or even backed up to a secure cloud storage like Genius Cloud.

Not only will they be safe, but they will be easily accessible in need of an emergency. Making you all the more prepared for any disaster.

2. Organize and find your documents with ease.

Scanning documents makes them easier to access in your day-to-day life, whether you need to gather all your health bills in one secure and easy-to-access place or find a family picture you scanned last time you went to your aunt for Christmas.

And with features like Smart Document Renaming, Auto-Exports, and Tags, organizing your digital documents has never been easier. You will never lose your files again.

Document scanning is also essential for businesses. They are more easily shared, reducing the need to print them and the time it takes to look for them. Scanning makes people in different locations able to access documents simultaneously.

Digitizing documents is also the best way to prepare for an unexpected audit. Well-organized scans can be quickly delivered to auditors to fulfill your legal obligations.

3. Preserve and enhance fragile documents.

Paper and microfilm documents are easily damaged and deteriorate over time, making them more likely to be unusable.

On the contrary, digital copies of your documents can be stored and saved forever.

If you research old historical documents, manipulating and transporting them could also result in irreparable damage. Scanning them makes them more accessible and safer to use. The same could be said of your old family pictures: make your memories last forever, don’t just risk losing them.

Moreover, Genius Scan’s state-of-the-art scanning technology has been thought out to be able to enhance low-quality documents and turn them into quality scans. Making old or blurry documents easier to read and enjoy.

4. Save room and money at home or in your office

With a scanning app like Genius Scan, you eliminate the hassle of a hard-copy filing system. Not only will it save you time, but it will also save you space.

Thousands of files can be stored on an easy-to-access server instead of having to keep them in space-taking file cabinets.

Scanning documents frees up office and house space so that you can use it for something more useful or meaningful.

5. Save money with Genius Scan

Genius Scan is scanner in your pocket. Whether you’re using the free or the premium version, you will save hundreds of dollars on buying a flatbed scanner.

And by scanning documents instead of photocopying them, you can save yourself the money it would have cost in storage space, paper, and ink.

Now, what are you waiting for? Check out Genius Scan by clicking here if you have an iOS device or here if you’re an Android fan.