Whether it’s to send digital documents, reduce printing or stop carrying heavy books, Genius Scan has multiple applications for teachers, students, and parents.

Teacher writing on a whiteboard

With the rise of online classes, the growth in education technology, and a shift to new teaching methods, teachers, parents, and students have had to adapt. Now, more and more actors in the education system rely on websites and apps to communicate with one another and simplify processes and actions that were just too time or money-consuming and thus not adapted to their suddenly changing needs.

Digitizing documents has been crucial to sending paperwork, keeping in touch, and securing valuable information.

We’ve collected testimonials from teachers, parents, and students, and here is how Genius Scan has impacted their jobs for the better.

Much easier to use than your school scanner

Be done with waiting for the school scanner to be free.

Genius Scan is a scanner in your pocket. Not only can you use it from anywhere, but you also are its sole user. No one else uses your smartphone but you, which means you don’t have to wait for other teachers to be done with their scanning to finally scan your own documents. Plus, while big scanners can be hard to understand and manipulate, Genius Scan couldn’t be easier to use.

Mrs. V., a creative writing teacher, uses Genius Scan because she thinks it’s convenient. “The teacher’s lounge is super far from my classroom (0.25 mile!), so it reduces time. And I also don’t honestly remember how to use the scanner on the printer to email myself a copy of a PDF.”

Send legible documents to your students

With more and more students not coming to the classroom for medical or economic reasons, and more and more college students opting for online classes only, teachers have had to find a way to still deliver documents such as notes, quizzes, and tests to them.

Genius Scan is the answer for a great number of teachers. On one hand, English and Literature teachers can send poetry and reading documents to their students. On the other, Science and Mathematics teachers can share hand-written formulas, figures, and theorems that are just much harder to do with a computer. That’s what Peggy K., a chemistry teacher, does. She uses Genius Scan to “scan answer keys for chemistry quizzes, tests, and practice problems.”

All in all, teachers have found Genius Scan most appropriate when it comes to scanning their students’ annotated tests and send them their individual scanned corrections. Peggy K. uploads her exams to her website, so her students can access the current semester’s exams as well as a few previous ones. Genius Scan is also most convenient to make a copy of a whiteboard before it’s erased by the professor. Whiteboards reflect too much light for anyone to take a great picture of them. Genius Scan’s image distorsion and quality enhancing features do come in handy when it comes to extract clear and legible information from them.

A good tip is to order your scans by classes you teach in different folders so you don’t get your quizzes and corrections mixed up!

As for why she decided to use Genius Scan in the first place, Peggy K. states: “Between a geriatric school computer and a kludgey log-in for scanning at school, it was easier to use my phone to scan the keys and then another program to FTP them to the server.”

There are many educational apps to facilitate communication between students and teachers; Google Classroom being one of them. So another good tip is to upload your scans directly to Classroom if you use it.

Store important documents on your smartphone

Teachers use Genius Scan to scan and order documents to send to their students. But they can also use it to send documents to the school administration. Keeping crucial administrative documents has been extremely useful to Alan C., a college professor who also substitutes in K-12 (kindergarten through grade 12): “I keep important documents in Genius Scan, such as a copy of my driver’s license, social security card, teaching license, etc. This is handy when I substitute teach at a new school. I have a copy of all the necessary documents for their HR department on me.”

Smoothing painful processes by coming in ready with all the documents needed for a job is not only a great way to be seen on your first day, but also a time-saving habit that will remove painful struggles from an everyday job that needs flexibility and readiness.

Alan C. also uses Genius Scan as a way to keep critical information left by teachers he substitutes for. Another way of using Genius Scan to keep important volatile documents easy to access at any given time. “I do some substitute teaching in K-12, and nearly every time I arrive at a classroom there is a printed or handwritten document for me with instructions for the day. So I immediately scan that so I don’t lose track of it, and can refer back to it if I step out of the classroom.”

Reduce printing

Students are swamped with a plethora of documents every week. And reducing printing has become more and more critical from an ecological standpoint.

With Genius Scan, you can kill two birds with one stone. Sending scanned documents to your students instead of printing them for each student will prevent them from losing those, lighten the weight they have to carry around all day, and reduce printing altogether. Mrs. V. uses Genius Scan to send important documents to human resources but also to scan stories and poems so that [her] students can read them online.

She has agreed to share one of her favorites with us, so below is the quality you can expect of a Genius Scan scanned poem.

Poem scanned with Genius Scan

Now these were just a few testimonials from teachers who use Genius Scan. In our next article you’ll find more testimonials from students and their parents.