The Paperwork Puzzle of Truckers

Driving across the vast American highways may seem like the epitome of freedom, but for truckers, it’s much more than just scenic views.

photo of greens trucks aligned

Truck drivers often deal with piles of paperwork, including bills of lading, delivery receipts, invoices, and inspection reports. These documents are not just a formality; they’re critical for Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance and ensuring that drivers get paid for their services. In fact, in the event of disputes or discrepancies with customers, shippers, or receivers, having detailed logs of documents serves as evidence to support the driver.

The Need for Scanning Apps in the Trucking Industry

Given the sheer volume and importance of paperwork in the trucking industry, it is critical for truckers to manage their documents as efficiently as possible. As of today the bulk of this paperwork has not gone digital. Physical documents are prone to being misplaced, damaged, or lost, which can lead to significant issues such as delayed payments, compliance violations, and operational inefficiencies. Truckers require an effective solution to manage this paperwork.

Scanning apps allow truckers to digitize their documents on the spot, thus mitigating the risk of losing crucial paperwork and simplifying the task of managing and organizing their records. Furthermore, when these apps integrate with other software systems or cloud storage platforms, they facilitate real-time communication and data sharing between drivers, dispatchers, shippers, and receivers.

Why Genius Scan is the Ultimate Tool for Truckers

There are many apps available that offer scanning, however few meet the demands of the truck driver. A career defined by being on the move, truckers require a tool that gets the job right the first time. Genius Scan solves this problem with unparalleled reliability and efficiency. Our cutting-edge scanning technology employs machine learning to ensure the highest quality scans, even under challenging conditions such as low-light environments, or on the move.

Genius Scan ensures that each document scanned has the correct orientation, is automatically cropped, and has the appropriate filter applied. If required, the document can be resized to the appropriate dimensions and exported to specific formats like PDF/A for mandatory archiving.

“I needed a way to help capture high-quality images of documents from my drivers.  I liked how they came in as PDFs once captured. Otherwise, we had to pay for fax services of some kind or receive jpeg photos that weren’t high enough resolution” says Jeff Davison, from FreightMateApp.

Since truckers often find themselves scanning documents on their knees, against their truck’s dashboard or steering wheel, Genius Scan’s curvature correction and one-hand scanning features come in handy. Its built-in OCR feature supports over 100 languages, allowing drivers to easily extract text from bills of lading, proof of delivery documents, and invoices. This not only saves time and effort but also enhances accuracy in document processing and reduces errors. Moreover, Genius Scan enables drivers to submit documents for upload in just a few taps, maximizing productivity on the road.

Genius Scan provides a reliable way to have a digital copy of a document, even without connectivity. No account is required, and no connectivity is needed to launch the app or extract data from a document.

With Genius Scan, truckers can focus on what they do best – delivering goods safely and efficiently – while leaving the paperwork hassle behind.

Jeff adds: ”Documents scanned in our app by Genius Scan SDK are now 100% organized and instantly available for invoicing.

This process used to take hours for small fleets, but now it only takes seconds.

Customers use this feature on 90%+ loads due to its high-quality functionality and highly important function for our business.”

Interested in using the Genius Scan technology in your transportation app? Genius Scan is becoming the gold standard when it comes to mobile document scanning in the transportation industry. Please click here to learn more.