“But… now that you’ve created Genius Scan, what are you working on?”, friends keep asking us. Well, Genius Scan is never done. We have been working on it for more than 8 years. There is always more to improve and the feedback and questions we get in our support emails are invaluable in helping us shape every new update.

Genius Scan 5.0.8 is a maintenance version of Genius Scan but… we couldn’t help but add a couple new cool features!

Siri Shortcuts

We love the Siri Shortcuts! We’ve added two different types of shortcuts: the ability to start a scan with a shortcut, and the ability to view any document. If you open a document in Genius Scan, this will automatically surface the corresponding shortcut in Siri Shortcuts in the Settings app (or in Spotlight if iOS deems this action relevant). You can easily create a Siri shortcut such as “View passport” if you travel a lot.

Fullscreen Mode

When viewing your documents, a single tap will switch the screen to fullscreen mode, hiding the toolbars and using all the available space to display your documents. You may benefit from this if you use Genius Scan to read documents such as music scores, magazines etc.

Improvements to the Crop Screen

In the “crop” screen that lets you edit the area of the document you want to crop, you now have the ability to let Genius Scan automatically detect the document. This will be useful if you import documents from the photo library.

Improved login to Genius Cloud

Genius Scan integrates with iCloud Keychain to let you log in easily in your Genius Cloud account accross all your devices and on the web app.

We’ll leave you now to keep working on the next update. We’ll have exciting new features and we are sure you will enjoy it!