Today we take a new step to make our genius tools available to more users and small businesses. We are excited to announce that Genius Fax is now available for Android.

We originally created Genius Fax for iOS because there wasn't any good application to send faxes. It's annoying enough to have to send a fax, so why should it be painful because the applications are badly designed or have hidden costs.

Android users will now benefit from the same hassle-free features our iOS users have enjoyed for more than a year:
  • Faxing documents located in any app
  • Subscribing to a fax number to be able to receive faxes directly on your phone
Our pricing stays simple: one page costs one fax credit (for international, long distance or local #). You purchase credits for as low as 39c if purchased in bulk. The cover page generated by Genius Fax is always free.

As always, we will quickly reply to your feedback. Email us at

Below are a few screenshots of the app to show you how simple and friendly it is:

A friendly UI to start with.

Your fax history clearly
displays the status of your

Sending a fax is as easy
as entering a fax number
and a few optional details.

The status of your faxes is
always clearly displayed.

Get a notification when you
receive a new fax, or when
your faxes are sent.