We want to make Genius Fax the easiest and most intuitive solution for people to fax from their phones and we have been making a lot of incremental changes.

One thing that wasn't obvious for our users was which countries were supported. While we listed these countries in the description and in the help, it wasn't there when user most needed it: when they were entering the fax number. With Genius Fax 1.2, users can now select a country and type a number for this country. Genius Fax will format and validate the number before even attempting to send the fax.

We also bumped up the file size limit from 5MB to 20MB. Note that the largest the file you send, the longer it will take to transmit. A page should take about a minute or two to transmit, but if the pages contain images and lots of graphics, it can take much longer.

Some of the supported countries in Genius Fax.