Genius Scan 3.3.4 has just arrived for the New Year. This update includes several stability fixes and improvements to make your experience with Genius Scan always easier.

Bug fixes
We fixed one main bug that prevented users from exporting their scans in full resolution. When exporting using the Actual file size, it was falling back on the Large settings. Another annoying bug we addressed was related to the flash that would fire off even when disabled.

When you export a document, Genius Scan notifies you of the success or failure of the export. For a time too long, this message was cut and only popped up for a second. This is now improved: the message tells you precisely which file has been exported and to what cloud service.

Last but not least, we receive a lot of support email asking us why emails with scans were not sent whereas Genius Scan had notified that “Your file has been successfully sent by email”. In reality, what happens is that Genius Scan just drops the email in the Mail app outbox. From there, the Mail app is responsible for sending this email. If there is any trouble sending an email, the issue lies in the Mail app settings. Rather than telling you that “Your file has been successfully sent by email”, Genius Scan will now let you know that “Your file has been dropped in the Mail app outbox”.

Looking forward to what’s next in 2014!