Just before the week-end, we released an update to Genius Scan for Android. This addresses a bunch of little annoyances:

  • The perspective correction keeps the right proportions when the skew angle is high.
  • Genius Scan is smarter to detect the image orientation especially when the device is flat. If you look at the camera icon in the capture screen, it will match the orientation of the photo.
  • We fixed a few crashes affecting in-app purchases, so if you had trouble upgrading to Genius Scan+, this will now be easy.
  • The document detection has been improved. Sometimes, it could be triggered multiple times in a row under some circumstances. This is now fixed! We also addressed a bug that we had nicknamed "Diabolo's bug". Sometimes the detected border would look like a diabolo.
Stay tuned for more cool updates very soon!

(Image attribution: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Diabolo_large_and_small.jpg)