Today we are particularly excited to release the free version of Genius Scan for Android.

Genius Scan enables you to scan your documents by taking a picture with your phone, correcting the perspective distortion and enhancing the colors. You can then build multi-page PDF documents that you can export or share with coworkers or fellow students.

Historically, we've always had a free version of Genius Scan for iOS and it has been extremely popular. More than 10 million users downloaded it and scanned more than 100 million documents. Today, we are excited to make Genius Scan available to more people on Android.

The free version of Genius Scan is fully functional. There are two minor limitations compared to our "pro" version Genius Scan+: Genius Scan displays a tiny amount of advertisement (we ensured it wasn't in your way) and can only export documents by email or to the Gallery app. In addition to these export options, Genius Scan+ supports exporting to Box, Dropbox, Evernote or any app installed on your device and supporting opening JPEG or PDF files. You can decide to upgrade to Genius Scan+ through in-app purchase at any time.

Genius Scan+ is also available as a standalone app. If you bought Genius Scan on Android before, it has been renamed Genius Scan+ it includes all of the advanced features.

We hope you will enjoy using Genius Scan for Android and we are looking forward to your feedback. Shoot us an email at and we will help you asap!