More cool stuff coming out of The Grizzly Labs: a new update for Genius Scan and Genius Scan+ (3.1.6) is available today on the AppStore. In this update we addressed frequent feedback from our users.

We added a few more features which will make Genius Scan more convenient for a lot of you:

  • Genius Scan now also supports faxing with Genius Fax. It just requires that you install Genius Fax;
  • Landscape orientation is supported throughout the app. Believe it or not, this was not until today;
  • You can now rename tags. Just open the tag window for any document, tap Edit at the top right of the screen and select the tag you'd like to edit;
  • Evernote notebooks are now sorted alphabetically. Obviously this will make it easier for Evernote power users;
  • Page dimension (A4, Letter, Business Card) and orientation (Portrait, Landscape) is now document specific instead of being just a global setting. The global setting still configure the defaults values for new documents;
  • Page dimensions now include Business Cards;
  • We worked on the PDF engine to create the PDF files faster and to slightly reduce the image size;

There are a bunch more of cosmetic fixes which we will spare you here but we hope you enjoy this update!

The camera view supports landscape mode.
Faxing is available in the export menu, as usual.