Genius Scan 3.1 is a major update for Genius Scan for iPhone. With this update, we focused on making the exporting documents faster and (even) more convenient. Below a roundup of the new features, with screenshots.

Support multiple default email addresses
You can now enter several default email addresses in the settings by just separating them with a semi-colon. Default email addresses are very convenient when you always have to send your receipts or documents to the same email address.

Ability to customize the email signature
You can now customize the signature in the emails sent from Genius Scan. We made this feature available in Genius Scan+.

Improved the help system
If you have a question, you are likely to find a better answer in the help now.

Microsoft SkyDrive
Microsoft SkyDrive is a cloud file storage system. Genius Scan now lets you upload your scans directly to SkyDrive.

Improved Expensify support
Expensify lets you create better expense reports. Previously in Genius Scan, you could scan your receipts and send them to Expensify. You can now add the useful transaction information: date, comment, merchant, amount, currency.

Support for choosing a folder in Google Drive
Previously, you could upload your scans directly to Google Drive and they were added to the root folder. You can now choose which folder you would like to use.

Added support for OCR with Google Drive
Google Drive offers to OCR documents when they are uploaded. We have added a switch to let you turn it on.

Export plugins remember the folder you have previously chosen
When you export to a cloud service like Dropbox, you often want to use the same directory several times in a row. But you don’t want to choose it again and again. Genius Scan helps you now by remembering which one you used the previous time.

Added support for changing the file title when exporting to Dropbox
When exporting a scan to Dropbox, you can now change the file name.

We also fixed a few annoyances:
✔ Fixed issue with Dropbox login
✔ Solved multiple bugs with Box
✔ Fixed bug ignoring the Evernote notebook the user was choosing

Let us know what you think about this release and make sure to leave a review on the AppStore if Genius Scan is useful to you!

A tour of the new features, with screenshots, below: 

Multiple default email addresses and
customized signature.

Main help screen with the most
frequent questions.

Always feel free to contact us if your problem
is not solved.

The SkyDrive plugin is available with
all other export plugins in the Genius Scan+.

Enter a title (if the default doesn't suit you),
choose a folder and you're good to go!

The new Expensify options: merchant,
date, amount and currency.

You can customize
the title when exporting to Dropbox.

Choose a collection (folder) and optionally
turn on OCR when exporting to Google Drive