Today we officially release Genius Scan for Android. It's available now in Google Play ($0.99 for launch).

Genius Scan for iPhone has brought easy mobile scanning to million of users. It's now about time that Android users have access to the best pocket scanner!

Genius Scan for Android offers the following features:
  • Detects page frame and corrects perspective 
  • Enhances the scan with color or black-and-white post-processing 
  • Emails the scans as JPG or PDF
  • Creates PDF documents with multiple scans 
  • Export documents to any app supporting JPG or PDF files
  • Documents are processed on the phone, not sent to a third-party server
As opposed to the iOS version which requires us to implement specific export plugins, the Android version enables you to export to any app or service accepting .JPG or .PDF files. This means that this first release of Genius Scan for Android comes with uploads to Box, Dropbox, Evernote and much more! 

Below is a typical use case of the app:

Scan a page
Genius Scan automatically detects the page frame
The page is then straightened and cropped. The colors are enhanced.
You can then export the scan as JPG or PDF.
Any app that you like that accepts JPG or PDF
will be available for export.
Genius Scan automatically chooses the enhancement
for you, but you can still change it.
Other types of document will benefit from
the black-and-white enhancement.
You can then save your scan into multi-pages documents.
Document pages can be reordered. You can
 also export a multi-page document as PDF.
If you don't save your scans in a document,
they are still automatically saved in your scan list.
The document list let you see... all your documents.