Quite often you may want to send the documents you've scanned with Genius Scan for iPhone to your computer. There are several ways of doing that.
  • Send the file to yourself by email. Hit the export button and choose Email as an option. Then just open that email you just receive and download the attached scan. It works, but it's a bit tedious.
  • Activate the Wifi-Sharing in Genius Scan and open your browser at the specified address on your computer; there you can see all your documents and choose the one you like.

Wifi Sharing

  • But the simplest way is probably Dropbox. Just send the file using the Dropbox version and the scan will magically appear on your computer within seconds. Dropbox is available in Genius Scan+ (you can also unlock Genius Scan+ as an in-app purchase in Genius Scan).
Choose Dropbox to send a file
to your computer.