Genius Scan allows you to scan a large variety of documents. During tax season, it becomes especially handy:
  • You need to keep a copy of your tax forms for future reference. Genius Scan allows you to do that very quickly. You can scan several pages in a row and add them to a PDF document. You can then email the document to yourself. With Genius Scan+, you can choose to export the document to a cloud service for backup (Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Docs are supported).
  • Send documents to your accountants. For instance, you can email him the copies of your invoices. You can also email any expense that could be itemized.
  • Make photocopies of documents. With Genius Scan+, you can directly take a photo of a document and print it using AirPrint. This is much faster than finding a photocopier!
Happy Tax Season!