Genius Scan 2.3 is now available on the Apple App Store. As always, this is an update for both Genius Scan and Genius Scan+.

What's new?

Single page PDF upload:

One of the most popular request was the ability to export a single page as PDF. This was always possible but you would have to first save your scan in a document. Now, once you export a document you get to choose the export format. Some export plugins do not allow PDF files (Twitter, Facebook) so we just filter the plugins based on which format you choose.
Hit PDF or JPEG to switch the
export format.
Facebook and Twitter, for instance,
only support JPEG files.

More export options:

Remember, in Genius Scan 2.2 we rewrote the export UI to be able to support more services. And now, in Genius Scan+ 2.3, we offer two new ways to export your documents. Box is a powerful service to store and share your documents in the cloud. We want to make it easier for you to upload your scans to your preferred service.
A very simple UI allows you to
choose what directory to upload to.

AirPrint is an Apple technology which allows you to print wirelessly to AirPrint compatible printers. This indeed means that you can use Genius Scan to make photocopies! Also, if your printer is not AirPrint compatible you can make it compatible by using a tool like AirPrint Activator.

Think about that: making a photocopy is now just a matter of seconds!

AirPrint options

Genius Scan and Genius Scan+ ($2.99) are available on the Apple App Store. Please let us know in the comments, on Twitter @thegrizzlylabs or by email at if you have any questions, comments, concerns or feedback!