Our summer release, Genius Scan v2.2, is out now and available on the app store

The first thing you will notice about Genius Scan 2.2 is the new icon. We really wanted a new icon, the previous try was not really successful but people asked again for the new glossy orange icon so here is the new one. The new design shows a camera aperture and hints at the perspective correction.

In the app, you will see new great Glyphish icons from Joseph Wain. Throughout the app, icons are now all available in Retina resolution.

Genius Scan 2.2 adds new features which will please power users. Document search is available in the main screen (slightly drag the screen downwards). It allows to quickly filter the documents through their titles and tags (yes, you can now add tags in the document properties). The tags are also used as Evernote tags when exporting the documents to Evernote in Genius Scan+.
Filter your documents based on
their titles and tags

Another great improvement is the new revamped export UI. Before that, we were using the default "popup" menu. However, as we added more export options, this export menu became cluttered. And there was no more space to add new options in the (near) future. You will quickly notice that the export plugins will order themselves in most recently used order. This means that the most recently used plugin will always be first in the list, for quicker access.
The new export UI

We also fixed some small bugs and inconveniences. For instance, you can now double-tap on the grid view in order to maximize the selection.

Genius Scan and Genius Scan+ ($2.99) are available on the Apple App Store. We put a lot of work in this new update and hope you will like it as much as you liked the previous ones!