We are pleased to announce that Genius Scan has been ranked in the top applications throughout the world:
# 3 Free App in Korea
# 1 Free Business App in Germany and Korea
# 2 Free Business App in the US, France and Hong-Kong
# 6 Free Business App in Japan
# 8 Free Business App in Australia
# 9 Free Business App in UK
# 10 Business App in Canada
and in the top 25 in more than 25 countries!
Genius Scan has also been selected as a New and Noteworthy Business app by Apple.

Thank you all, for the good reviews we received. Here are some of our favorites:
- "I've used it to scan the tonnnn of receipts I had for relocating to my new job. So useful! Really easy to use and image detection is pretty accurate. Wish I had the skills to program this image processing stuff :)."
- "Dead simple to use. Just do what's supposed to without getting in the way. "
- "At last we have a scanner that works properly and simple to use. Keep it up and continue the good work!"

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