With Genius Fax 2.0, the day has come to get rid of your fax machine.

Having the ability of receiving a fax generally means the following: buy a fax machine and reserve a line, or subscribe to an expensive service with ridiculous and incomprehensible fees.

With Genius Fax 2.0, you just pay as you go. You reserve a fax number for a very small fee (as low $3.49 per month) and you only need credits to receive pages. These are the same credits that you use to send faxes.

Update main screen displaying
your fax number.

As you receive a fax, you will get a push notification and an email and the received fax will appear in your app:

A received fax. Tap on "View document"
to display your document and
export it to other apps.

This feature is available now in Genius Fax 2.0 on the App Store.