• A Selection of Great Apps for 2016

    Did Santa bring you a shiny new smartphone for Christmas? Or do you just want to start off 2016 on the right foot? At The Grizzly Labs, we strive to develop polished, useful apps. We are not alone. Here are a couple of applications I think you should discover this year:


    Find your way in big cities. Hard to believe but it’s better than Google Maps: it has city bike shares, buses, trams, trains, you name it. Its routing even takes in account metro station exits. Thumb up for the feature that tells you in which train section to sit for the fastest connections [iOS, Android, Web]


    If you have a long commute by car or in public transit, podcasts are a friendly way to kill time while learning something new. While on paper Overcast stands out with its Smart Speed and Voice Boost features, what I really appreciate is that it just works. Whenever you want to listen for a podcast episode, it’s already there, downloaded and available even if you have a spotty data connection (hi, Paris metro!) [iOS]

    Plane Finder

    Speaking of killing time, that’s a great one. Looking up at the sky, haven’t you ever wondered where a given aircraft was headed and where it was coming from? Plane Finder tells you that and more. Bonus point for it’s augmented reality mode where you can just point your phone at the sky and see labels on the planes passing by. [iOS, Android, Web]


    It’s an iOS app and it’s a Mac app. It’s just a calculator but it behaves exactly as if you were doing back-of-the-envelope calculations. You can mix text and numbers in your calculations without troubling Soulver, and it knows everything about units and currencies. [iOS, Mac]

    Genius Scan

    OK, that’s our app. I don’t own a flatbed scanner anymore – who does? I use it every time I need to scan a document. The fast upload to Dropbox is my favorite feature. [iOS, Android]

    What’s your favorite application? Ping me on Twitter @bvirlet!

  • Nous sommes Paris

    (en français ci-dessous)

    Some of you may already know: Genius Scan is developed in France in the heart of Paris. Our team has been lucky enough this week-end to be away from this horror and nobody among our family and friends has been affected by this tragedy. The people who were murdered, though, are people like us. They were just having a good night out in concert halls, restaurants and bars we could have been to. Our thoughts are with all them and their families.

    When such events unfold, the police, the emergency personnel and volunteers are on the front line and they have done an amazing job, often putting their life at risk.

    We decided that 100% of the proceed of the sales of our applications (Genius Scan, Genius Sign, Genius Fax) this week will go to two French non-profits:

    If you were thinking of purchasing one of our apps, consider doing it this week.

    Note that:

    • This cannot be considered as a donation for tax purposes;
    • The Apple Store and Google Play take a percentage of the sale; if you want that 100% of your donation goes to this non-profits, we suggest that you donate on their website directly (Croix Rouge, Orpheopolis).

    [Updated Nov 24, 2015]

    With your help, we have raised more than $16,000 for the French Red Cross and Orphéopolis. Thanks to everyone who donated and shared this operation!


    Certains d’entre vous le savent déjà : nous développons Genius Scan au coeur de Paris. Notre équipe a eu la chance d’échapper à l’horreur de vendredi et nos amis et proches n'ont pas non plus été affectés directement par cette tragédie. Cependant, les victimes de ces attentats sont des personnes comme nous : elles profitaient de cette veille de week-end pour écouter un concert, manger dans un restaurant ou boire un coup avec des amis. Toutes nos pensées vont vers elles et leurs proches.

    Quand de tels évènements se produisent, la police, les services de secours et les volontaires sont en première ligne et accomplissent un travail incroyable, souvent au péril de leur vie.

    Nous avons décidé que les revenus générés par nos applications (Genius Scan, Genius Sign, Genius Fax) cette semaine seront entièrement reversés à deux associations caritatives :

    Si vous hésitiez à acheter l'une de nos applications, n'hésitez donc pas à le faire cette semaine.

    NB : Ces achats ne seront pas considérés comme des dons et ne pourront donc bénéficier d’aucun abattement fiscal. De plus, les différentes plateformes d’applications (Apple Store, Google Play…) prennent un pourcentage sur toutes ces transactions. Si vous souhaitez que 100% de vos dons soient reversés à ces associations, faites un don directement sur leur site web (Croix Rouge, Orpheopolis.)

    [Mise à jour du 24 novembre 2015]

    Avec votre aide, nous avons levé plus de 15 000 € pour la Croix-Rouge française et Orphéopolis. Un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont participé et contribué à diffuser cette opération.

  • Sign Anywhere with Genius Sign

    Ever received a document that you had to print, sign, date, scan and send back? That's the exact problem that we solve with our new app, Genius Sign.

    Key features

    • Create and save new signatures, either by drawing or scanning them
    • Insert text and date, change their format, color, style or size
    • Repeat a signature on every pages of a document with Auto Repeat
    • Navigate quickly through the document and position precisely your annotations
    • Quickly locate the signature fields in your documents with our Sign Here feature
    • Import your document from Genius Scan, the gallery, any cloud service or take a picture of it
    • Export it by email, with Genius Fax, to your printer, your FTP, or your favorite cloud service (we support them all: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneNote, OneDrive, Sugarsync, Evernote...)
    • See how many signatures you added to a document
    • Protect Genius Sign with Touch ID (or with a passcode)
    • Fully compatible with iPhone and iPad

    To celebrate the launch, Genius Sign is only 99¢.

    Download Genius Sign on the App Store and contact us to support@geniussign.com if you have any question.

  • Scan Everywhere, Export Wherever with Genius Scan for iOS

    Mobility and speed was the goal we had in mind for our users when we first created Genius Scan for iOS: Fast algorithms, intuitive user interface and as little taps as necessary. One of the areas where Genius Scan shines in that regard is its ability to export documents.

    A mobile scanner isn’t of much use if the digitized documents are stuck on the phone. With Genius Scan you can export your documents as email attachments and to any other app. With Genius Scan+, you get access to our advanced export system.

    Export wherever

    Today, Genius Scan+ supports exporting to Box, Dropbox, Evernote, FTP, Google Drive, Expensify, Facebook, OneNote, OneDrive, SugarSync, Twitter, and WebDAV. Not only does Genius Scan+ enables a vast array of export destinations but it does so in an efficient way.

    Background uploads

    Too many times in other apps, you will see that uploading a file freezes the user interface until completion. In Genius Scan, you start the upload and stop worrying about it: You can keep scanning other documents, queue other uploads or just leave Genius Scan.

    Since uploads happen in the background, Genius Scan will display a push notification to alert you of the success of your operations. This is why Genius Scan requests the permission to send you notifications. More importantly, if any error prevents your exports from completing, you will also be notified, making sure you know whether your important documents have reached destination or not.


    Genius Scan provides an Auto Upload feature This feature ensures that any document you create in Genius Scan — or that you later modify — will be uploaded automatically to the destination you choose. You can actually setup Auto Upload to export to multiple destinations at the same time. For instance, you could upload all your documents automatically to Box and Dropbox.

    Details that make everything

    You might not notice these but they contributes to a great experience: Genius Scan takes care of a few details when exporting:
    • Genius Scan remembers the folder you previously used. If you always upload your scans to Microsoft OneDrive under the /Business/Receipts folder, this will be the default destination for your subsequent exports. 
    • Genius Scan knows which export destination are your favorite, keeping them at the top of the list for direct access.

    Scanning is the first step, but letting you use your documents the way you want is what we focus on. Download Genius Scan for free on the App Store and contact us to support@thegrizzlylabs.com if you have any question.

  • Scan Multi-Page Documents on Android

    The new '+' button

    Several major changes in version 2.0 of Genius Scan for Android have made it easier to scan multi-page documents. The most important is the introduction of a '+' button which indicates that the next scan will be saved in the current document.

    In short, use the Camera button to start a new document, and the '+' button to add pages to the current document.


    Creating a Multi-page PDF Document

    To scan the first page of your document, tap the Camera button as you're used to and follow the scanning process. When you're done, save this page to a new document using the Save button.

    Edit the name of your document (or keep this for later if you're in a hurry) and tap the '+' button to add a page to this document. Keep tapping the '+' button to add more pages to the current document.

    Once you are done, you have a multi-page PDF document at hand, ready to export.

    Remember: all these features are available in the free version of Genius Scan. Happy scanning!