• Genius Scan 3.0 for Android

    We are excited to release a major version of Genius Scan for Android today. This update tackles some user requests and adds some critical features that were already available in the iOS version.

    The focus is on security and efficiency: it’s now quicker to create multi-page documents, easier to organize them with the smart document names and the tags and they can be protected with PDF encryption and a passcode lock.

    Improved scan flow

    Redesigned Multi-page Scan Flow

    We’ve reworked the scan flow to make it really quick to scan a multi-page document. After scanning the first page, the user decides in which document he wants to save it. Then a tap on the blue ‘+’ button in a document automatically adds the next page to that same PDF document.


    A long requested feature: a magnifying glass to adjust your scan crop precisely. For most of your scans, it shouldn’t be needed thanks to the automatic document detection. Whenever you need to manually adjust the crop area, though, it’s frustrating to have your finger hide the corner you’re moving. Not anymore with the magnifying glass.


    Smart Document Names

    A feature which has received amazing feedback from power users of the iOS version: the Smart Document Names. Until today, if you created a new document in Genius Scan, it would have been named with the current date and time, with the following format: 2016-05-12 15:15. But what if you needed another format, wanted to add a custom text, or the city you’re currently in? Smart Document Names handle all these cases and lets you create templates from date, time, location and other components.

    If you create several templates (to name some of your documents “Invoice_05/12/2016” and some others “Receipt - Paris May 12”), you will be able to choose which Smart Name to apply to your document when it’s created.


    Organizing your documents becomes also easier with the tags. You can add labels to your documents based on their category (receipt, invoice, ID…), their status (to review, to process, completed…) or to whom they refer (clients, people, company departments…).

    Of course we enabled filtering by tag in the document search: this way, you can quickly access documents with a specific tag:


    Users have scanned millions of documents with Genius Scan and we want to make sure their documents are as safe as possible.

    PDF Encryption

    It’s now possible to encrypt PDF documents produced by Genius Scan with a password. Without that password, exported documents cannot be opened.

    Passcode Lock

    The app itself can also be locked with a passcode to prevent anyone from accessing sensitive scans. We still advise you to protect your device with a password or any other security measure (fingerprint, pattern…) because it’s a much stronger protection. The Genius Scan passcode is rather intended to protect your scans from people who borrow your device, not from expert hackers.

    Genius Scan for Android was started close to two years after the iOS version. Yet it is a tool used by millions of users. We are extremely happy to bring both platforms to the same level. As usual, we are already at work on the next update!

    As for you, you have no more excuses not to scan your paper documents and organize them! Download Genius Scan for free!

  • Genius Scan and OneDrive for Business

    For a long time now, Genius Scan has supported Microsoft’s cloud services. We first introduced support for SkyDrive a long time ago. Microsoft then renamed SkyDrive into OneDrive (and we also renamed it!) We were the first mobile app to integrate with Microsoft OneNote. Today, with Genius Scan 3.10.3, we are taking our integration one step further for our business users: Genius Scan is now able to save your scans into Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

    OneDrive for Business

    Whether your OneDrive for Business accounts is provided through Office 365 of SharePoint, Genius Scan will transparently handle it for you.

    Just tap the OneDrive option and log with your business account credentials – Genius Scan will direct you to OneDrive for Business – and you’re ready to go!

    PDF Encryption and Auto-Upload

    The PDF encryption feature let you add a password when you manually exported your PDF files. From today on, the password will also be used when your documents are auto-uploaded. To turn it on, make sure you define the password in the Genius Scan settings:

    Bug Fixes

    In some cases Genius Scan was using more disk space than necessary and not cleaning up some temporary files used while exporting documents. We’ve fixed that and if you were affected by this issue, you don’t have to do anything as it will fix itself automatically.

    That’s it for today! We’ll be back soon with more news.

  • What Genius Scan Could Look Like on Android N

    Yesterday, Google unveiled its plans for the next version of Android, which is called Android N (Nutella?) for now. Although we will still have to wait a few months before the final release, Google surprised everybody by making a developer preview available for Nexus devices.

    There are many new nice features in this release and we won’t cover them all here (Google is already doing a great job at this). However, there a two features available for developers that we would like to highlight, as they will dramatically improve the experience of Genius Scan users.

    Multi-Window support

    Multi-Window support is a big deal. Apple introduced Split View in iOS 9, and we were thrilled to support it in Genius Scan, Genius Fax, and Genius Sign from day one. Some Android manufacturers already developed their own split screen features, but now it will be supported by any Android device running Android N.

    Google doesn’t recommend that this preview be used by regular consumers. But we couldn’t resist to play with it. In fact, we were so excited by the Multi-Window feature that we put together a special version of Genius Scan that supports it. And you know what? It works great!

    Typical use of Multi-Window: planning the week to come using a scanned to-do list (left) and a calendar (right)

    The feature is even more flexible than on iOS, since it’s available not only for tablets, but also for mobile devices. In that case, the separation will be either horizontal (portrait) or vertical (landscape).

    Using Multi-Window in portrait

    Drag and Drop

    Another feature that is allowed by the addition of Multi-Window to Android is cross-app drag and drop. We haven’t tested this one yet, but it looks promising: Android N users will be able to drag items between two apps sharing the screen, providing that both apps support it.

    We think there are numerous situations where this will increase your productivity a lot. Here are a few examples:

    • Start to write an email, realize that you need to attach a scan. Just open Genius Scan, scan your document, and drag and drop it to your email client.
    • In a browser, open the contract that somebody gave you the link to, and drag and drop it to a specific document in Genius Scan.

    We can’t wait for Android N to be released so you can also use these features. In the meantime, we have great plans for Genius Scan both on iOS and Android in the coming months. Don’t hesitate to ping us on Twitter (@thegrizzlylabs) if you have any suggestion. Happy scanning!

  • A Selection of Great Apps for 2016

    Did Santa bring you a shiny new smartphone for Christmas? Or do you just want to start off 2016 on the right foot? At The Grizzly Labs, we strive to develop polished, useful apps. We are not alone. Here are a couple of applications I think you should discover this year:


    Find your way in big cities. Hard to believe but it’s better than Google Maps: it has city bike shares, buses, trams, trains, you name it. Its routing even takes in account metro station exits. Thumb up for the feature that tells you in which train section to sit for the fastest connections [iOS, Android, Web]


    If you have a long commute by car or in public transit, podcasts are a friendly way to kill time while learning something new. While on paper Overcast stands out with its Smart Speed and Voice Boost features, what I really appreciate is that it just works. Whenever you want to listen for a podcast episode, it’s already there, downloaded and available even if you have a spotty data connection (hi, Paris metro!) [iOS]

    Plane Finder

    Speaking of killing time, that’s a great one. Looking up at the sky, haven’t you ever wondered where a given aircraft was headed and where it was coming from? Plane Finder tells you that and more. Bonus point for it’s augmented reality mode where you can just point your phone at the sky and see labels on the planes passing by. [iOS, Android, Web]


    It’s an iOS app and it’s a Mac app. It’s just a calculator but it behaves exactly as if you were doing back-of-the-envelope calculations. You can mix text and numbers in your calculations without troubling Soulver, and it knows everything about units and currencies. [iOS, Mac]

    Genius Scan

    OK, that’s our app. I don’t own a flatbed scanner anymore – who does? I use it every time I need to scan a document. The fast upload to Dropbox is my favorite feature. [iOS, Android]

    What’s your favorite application? Ping me on Twitter @bvirlet!

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