• Sign Anywhere with Genius Sign

    Ever received a document that you had to print, sign, date, scan and send back? That's the exact problem that we solve with our new app, Genius Sign.

  • Scan Everywhere, Export Wherever with Genius Scan for iOS

    Mobility and speed was the goal we had in mind for our users when we first created Genius Scan for iOS: Fast algorithms, intuitive user interface and as little taps as necessary. One of the areas where Genius Scan shines in that regard is its ability to export documents.

    A mobile scanner isn’t of much use if the digitized documents are stuck on the phone. With Genius Scan you can export your documents as email attachments and to any other app. With Genius Scan+, you get access to our advanced export system.

    Export wherever

    Today, Genius Scan+ supports exporting to Box, Dropbox, Evernote, FTP, Google Drive, Expensify, Facebook, OneNote, OneDrive, SugarSync, Twitter, and WebDAV. Not only does Genius Scan+ enables a vast array of export destinations but it does so in an efficient way.

    Background uploads

    Too many times in other apps, you will see that uploading a file freezes the user interface until completion. In Genius Scan, you start the upload and stop worrying about it: You can keep scanning other documents, queue other uploads or just leave Genius Scan.

    Since uploads happen in the background, Genius Scan will display a push notification to alert you of the success of your operations. This is why Genius Scan requests the permission to send you notifications. More importantly, if any error prevents your exports from completing, you will also be notified, making sure you know whether your important documents have reached destination or not.


    Genius Scan provides an Auto Upload feature This feature ensures that any document you create in Genius Scan — or that you later modify — will be uploaded automatically to the destination you choose. You can actually setup Auto Upload to export to multiple destinations at the same time. For instance, you could upload all your documents automatically to Box and Dropbox.

    Details that make everything

    You might not notice these but they contributes to a great experience: Genius Scan takes care of a few details when exporting:
    • Genius Scan remembers the folder you previously used. If you always upload your scans to Microsoft OneDrive under the /Business/Receipts folder, this will be the default destination for your subsequent exports. 
    • Genius Scan knows which export destination are your favorite, keeping them at the top of the list for direct access.

    Scanning is the first step, but letting you use your documents the way you want is what we focus on. Download Genius Scan for free on the App Store and contact us to support@thegrizzlylabs.com if you have any question.

  • Scan Multi-Page Documents on Android

    The new '+' button

    Several major changes in version 2.0 of Genius Scan for Android have made it easier to scan multi-page documents. The most important is the introduction of a '+' button which indicates that the next scan will be saved in the current document.

    In short, use the Camera button to start a new document, and the '+' button to add pages to the current document.


    Creating a Multi-page PDF Document

    To scan the first page of your document, tap the Camera button as you're used to and follow the scanning process. When you're done, save this page to a new document using the Save button.

    Edit the name of your document (or keep this for later if you're in a hurry) and tap the '+' button to add a page to this document. Keep tapping the '+' button to add more pages to the current document.

    Once you are done, you have a multi-page PDF document at hand, ready to export.

    Remember: all these features are available in the free version of Genius Scan. Happy scanning!

  • Genius Scan 3.8 "Vault" for iOS

    We told you this was a great week: After releasing a new update of Genius Scan for Android on Monday, we are releasing Genius Scan 3.8 for iOS today!

    Genius Scan 3.8 brings you all the tools to safely store your documents and export them to new destinations.

    Touch ID

    You can now protect Genius Scan with Touch ID. When enabled, you won’t be able to enter Genius Scan without identifying yourself with your fingerprint. Genius Scan will also require that you set a fallback passcode in case the fingerprint sensor has some trouble identifying you. Of course, if your device doesn't have Touch ID, you can still benefit from this feature as a simple passcode.

    Touch ID locks your documents

    The passcode screen if you don't
    have Touch ID.

    PDF Encryption

    You may want to transmit PDF documents securely so that they can’t be read from anyone but the recipient. You can now setup a password for all your PDF files, or when you export a specific document.

    If you export a PDF, you can
    now protect it with a password.


    SugarSync is a popular document storage service with tons of powerful features and we thought it would be great if our users who are also SugarSync users could export their scans to this service.

    And as usual, some bug fixes

    • Seconds are back in the document name when exporting a scan directly. This solves a bug where exporting two documents in the same minute would generate a name collision and potentially overwrite the first file.
    • Genius Scan didn't let you properly select PDF files when using the cloud import feature. A thing of the past.

    Don't wait, download Genius Scan here. Some of these features are only available in Genius Scan+ but you can try the free, fully functional Genius Scan for as long as you want:

    As usual, we are always looking to hear from you if you have any feedback, comments for us. Email us at support@thegrizzlylabs.com or ping us on Twitter.

  • Genius Scan for Android 2.0 with Material Design

    We just launched Genius Scan 2.0 for Android! Over the past few weeks, we've worked to improve the scan flow, we've revamped the design while still keeping it familiar. Last but not least, we've added a few useful features.

    Material design and improved UX

    Genius Scan 2.0 comes with a brand new Material design:

    A floating button is now present almost everywhere to let you access the scan action faster. The button turns into a plus sign to indicate that you can add a new scan to the current document.

    We have also added nice shadows, ripple effects when you tap on a button or a scan and the document details are now displayed using card views.


    A Search function similar to the iOS version of Genius Scan is also available to quickly access a specific document.

    PDF Options

    Many users have requested the ability to define the dimension of the PDF pages. You can now set the page format of PDF documents in the Settings:

    The Page size can be set to a predefined format such as Letter, Legal, A4, Business Card or your can keep the default, to fit the image size, as it used to be in the previous versions. The Page orientation setting is useful if you want to force all pages to be landscape or portrait.

    Enjoy this new version and let us know how you like it at android.support@thegrizzlylabs.com!

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