Monday, February 21, 2011

Scan documents with Genius Scan and read them on your iPad

Although there are rumors that future iPad generations could offer cameras, the current one has no such capability. However, if you are an iPad owner, chances are that you also have an iPhone. And it turns out it's very easy to scan documents with an iPhone and access them on your iPad.

You just have to use the Wifi sharing feature as describe in this previous post.

1. Instead of accessing the web address on your computer, open it in Safari on your iPad.

2. From there, click on a PDF document and voilĂ , you can read the document on your iPad.

But there is more! By taping open in iBooks, you save this precious document in your iBook library and make sure you can read it later.

The document is then permanently saved in your iBooks library:

And you can read it on a large screen!

Genius Scan is available on the App Store.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

How to share files over wifi with Genius Scan

Lots of people ask us how to share files over Wifi with the iPhone and Genius Scan. This is a feature available in both Genius Scan (free) and Genius Scan+ and it's highly convenient in order to quickly export large files from your iPhone to your computer.

1. Click on the "gear" icon at the top-left corner of the main screen.

2. In the "Access your documents" section, tap the switch to turn Wifi Sharing on.
3. The Wifi Sharing should start immediately and display an HTTP address below the switch.

4. Go to your computer and enter this web address to access the Wifi Sharing.

5. Click on any document to download the PDF file.

Be careful when you use a public Wifi as anyone could access your documents while the server is turned on.